Fully Integrated solutions
from various verticals enabling customer satisfaction & energy efficiency

Sound Technical Expertise
to meet the most intricate customer requirements

Freely programmable Graphical
User Interfaces for Automation, lighting, temperature, security controls

Intelligent Buildings
Intelligent Buildings
Freely Programmable Building  Management Systems
Freely Programmable Building Management Systems
Video Security Management
Video Security Management
Emergency Lighting
Emergency Lighting
 Valves & Actuators
Valves & Actuators
Consumption Metering
Consumption Metering
Smart City Management  System
Smart City Management System
Solution for Integration
and Interoperability
COBA Middle East FZCO was founded on 2nd January 2008 in Dubai Airport Free Zone to represent high tech companies from Finland. Since inception we have provided forefront IBMS solutions for Intelligent Green Buildings in the Middle East and Africa.Today we represent the leading global manufacturers from different verticals to provide fully integrated IBMS solutions all types facilities. We add value by enabling easy functional integration of different systems to a single platform. We are a diversified team of true professionals working in deep co-operation with our stake holders. Our team..

Simplycity Smart City Management System

The fully interoperable SIMPLYCITY solution brings together the leading technologies from Scandinavia to build a premium City Management System, in order to “smartify” Buildings and Cities..

Exilight Ltd Emergency Lighting

Exilight Ltd (founded in 2004) develops and manufactures state of the art energy efficient emergency lighting system in Finland. Exilight has the highest AAA credit rating.  Self-contained..

Lonix Ltd Intelligent Buildings

Lonix (founded in 1996) provides Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) for intelligent buildings. The cutting-edge Lonix Automation and Security Systems offer the perfect solution for indoor comfort,..

Ksenos Video security management

Valvova Ltd (founded in 1999) develops and distributes Ksenos Video Management System (VMS). Ksenos VMS is a revolutionary tool for high-definition video surveillance with easy user..

Fidelix Ltd Freely programmable Building Management Systems

Fidelix (founded in 2002) develops and distributes a web based Integrated Building Management System (IBMS). Company is the Nordic’s fastest growing IBMS solution provider. Fidelix provides truly open..

Belimo Valves & Actuators

Belimo (founded in 1975) is the worldwide leader for actuator and valve technology in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems – offers a complete range of products from one source with a..